About Us

Founding Story

Dr Alex Swan is a practicing emergency medicine physician who has worked in ERs across the US in states like Oklahoma, Utah and Idaho.

Dr. Alexander (Alex) Swan is the founder of Pyrsiva Medical specializing in trauma shears and other medical supplies for healthcare workers


Like many ER doctors, nurses, paramedics and healthcare workers, Dr Swan experienced the frustrations of using cheap and unreliable trauma shears during critical, life-saving moments. He believed that trauma shears should be built with quality materials for longevity, superior strength and corrosion resistance. That's why Pyrsiva Medical was created, to ensure the best quality tools are available to healthcare workers and to research ways to make existing tools even better.


Where Does the name Pyrsiva Medical Come From?

Pyrsiva is pronounced Per-SEE-vah, and is formed by combining 3 words/principles that are particularly important to Dr. Swan.

  • Perception - At Pyrsiva Medical, we keenly observe the evolving healthcare landscape, understanding the nuances to address complex medical challenges with precision.
  • Vision - We constantly strive to have the vision to recognize and meet the needs of healthcare workers.
  • Attention to Detail - We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail from research and development through production.

You may have noticed these company guiding principles are closely linked to eye-sight. Having eye-sight has always been particularly meaningful to Dr Swan, who was born without vision in his right eye. We recognize how critical perception, vision and attention to detail are in life, in healthcare and in business.